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Background IQ has clients in many different industries and support each of their needs.  We have the IQ to support your needs with the products and services that will help you make the employment decisions that effect your profitability.  Contact our offices to learn more about these industries and more.

Background IQ has vast experience working with the healthcare industry,  from hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, in home care, hospice and private practices to name a few.  At Background IQ we understand the industry and support our healthcare clients with the information they need to streamline their hiring process and help them stay compliant.


A schools reputation is dependent on based on the quality of the products they produce.  Those product are the men and women they teach and the level of education they are able to instill in them.  Although they may be educated that does not ensure a complete employee.  Background IQ is a partner in this process ensuring that educators have a efficient and accurate method of screening prospective students helping to maximize a schools prospects.


Ensuring your company has a safe environment is a large responsibility.  Having employees that you can count on to deliver that safe environment is an even bigger responsibility.  Background IQ is your partner to help you vet those prospective employees and those employees that are currently on the job.  Whether it is a pre-employment screening or a drug test after an onsite incident, Background IQ is there to support your needs.

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